Corporate Governance

The Investors Board defines the strategy and monitors the management of InfraMed Infrastructure. The Manager, supported by two local investment advisors, is charged with the management and execution of the investment policy.

InfraMed Management employs the management team and administers InfraMed Infrastructure.
As such, the Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations including: investments, origination, due diligence, appraisal, structuring and execution. The Manager oversees the investments and reports to the investors.

The Two Investment Advisors

EFMG and CDG Capital Infrastructures advise InfraMed Management with respect to investments in Egypt and Morocco during the investment period.

The management and administration is under the purview of the Investors Board, which is composed of 7 members.

The CEO of InfraMed Management and the three independent members form the Investment Committee, which takes all investment decisions on its own.
Investors are not represented in the Investment Committee. Decisions are made in a fully independent manner on the basis of the specific merits of each investment opportunities respecting the target returns of InfraMed.