Broadband for Africa

Transaction Description

In 2016 InfraMed acquired 21% of the shares in Broadband for Africa, a satellite-based Eutelsat initiative for the delivery of high quality broadband services in Africa. The project relies mainly on a network of distributors to roll-out internet services designed to relieve constrained demand for connectivity from the many users in Africa (including Morocco) beyond the range of fixed and mobile terrestrial networks. BB4A addresses direct-to-user consumer and enterprise broadband services using dishes of approximately 75 cm-diameter. The capacity can also be used for community networks connected to Wi-Fi hotspots, mobile phone backhauling and rural connectivity. InfraMed sold this asset in 2017.


Investment Rationale

Satellite networks are well-suited to economically connecting people in low-to medium density population areas and the high throughput satellite architecture is expected to contribute to additional gains in cost efficiency. InfraMed’s investment rationale includes the project’s regional dimension and the South Mediterranean content with the provision of broadband services in Morocco and an earth station located in Israel.

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