Investment Strategy


InfraMed focuses on a region characterised by a dynamic demographic and an apparent infrastructure insufficiency. This profile is the driving force behind a huge infrastructure investment need.
The countries within InfraMed’s geographic focus are increasingly looking to the private sector, and the implementation of privatisation and public/private partnership for the delivery of such needed infrastructure and corresponding services.

InfraMed’s role is to deliver the financial and human capital over the long-term and, in doing so, generate attractive investment and returns opportunities for its investors.

Sectorial Diversification

InfraMed invests in a wide range of sectors including renewable and conventional energy, transport and telecommunication.

Primary methods of investment

  • equity
  • shareholder’s loan

Greenfield Focus and Long-term Approach

Being rooted in a philosophy of long-term economic return where the benefits for the host country match the financial returns of the investors, InfraMed’s view is to hold investments over a longer period than the other private equity infrastructure funds in order to profit from the best exit timing.

Taking a significant shareholder position and seeking board representation, InfraMed focuses on:

  • mainly greenfield assets which it holds to maturity (e.g. 10 to 15 years),
  • recently completed assets still in their ramp-up phase,
  • and mature projects offering opportunities for value creation.

Target Asset Profile

Infrastructure assets that demonstrate one of the following core qualities:

  • essential local, national or international services to the Near East and North Africa community
  • monopoly type characteristics of either a geographic or business nature
  • regulated/market-based basic infrastructure
  • long asset life or concession-based essential infrastructure
  • established and/or strong prospects for a positive cash flow profile
  • appropriate mix of long-term stable cash flows and growth underpinned by contracts with creditworthy entities or end users.

Adding Value

As well as capital, InfraMed brings sector knowledge and financial expertise to the project and companies in which it invests.